Camel Country - Land of polite surfers and insane barrels

You may have seen this over on the Surfers Journal site.  So much good stuff over there.

If you haven't you are in for a treat.

The wave is incredible, the tube ride is insane but what amazes me is how far back he took off compared to where the rest of the crowd is sitting, about 10 seconds into the video.

It must have been an amazing sight to look back into the tube. Either he was pumping like a mad man or was holding a perfect line.

In Huntington if you are ten feet back five guys will drop in on you.  Here he's meters back in the tube and when he gets up to where everyone else is and they all paddle over.

It's a miracle!


Pre Preview said…
Totally pumped about this! Seems pretty awesome: Attend the SOLD OUT World Premiere of Renowned Professional Surfer Keith Malloy's Debut Film, "Come Hell or High Water" in NYC September 17 with the Filmmakers and Subjects and Attend the After Party

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