Dogtown and Z-Boys

Small swell, heavy marine layer and some wind left me no choice but to abandon all hope of surfing and watch videos instead.

Although I'd seen a lot of clips I'd somehow never watched the whole movie.

The time period holds personal importance for me.

(I had the sun damaged long blond hair but can't skate)

These guys could definitely skate and surf as well. 

They took the tight turns from their surfing and rolled with it.

In the end they repaid the loan by introducing the "Air" to high performance surfing.

When you consider that "did he land that air" is pretty much the gold standard in surfing contest decisions these days it a wonder that Tony Alva isn't an ASP judge. 

If you are building the definitive collection of surf / skate movies you will need this one as the corner stone of the skate section.

If you haven't seen it in it's entirety it's still worth viewing.  Dog Town and Z-boys is on the list of 50 documentary films to see before you die.

I found this copy at the local library which speaks to skating's acceptance and its place in modern culture but grinding on the benches outside will still get you a ticket for vandalism by the police.  


Watch that at least fortnightly as my skating son loves it. A mate of my lad has a father who was sponsored by Alva in the 80's. He says he's the biggest c*ck he's ever met in his life!!!

Amazing doc though. You need to watch LORDS OF DOGTOWN next. Features a cameo from Jay Adams and mats made for the film by Dale Solomonson.


Mateo said…
Is that an acid-dyed mat in that frame-grab G? Always wondered about that?

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