I have a theory that


do not band together

the way the various other tribes on the planet do


of the myth of the cowboy.

self sufficient, able to survive on their own

just them, their horse, watchin' the doggies and the tumblin' tumble weeds.

don't need no hope from nobody

specially healthcare from those darn revenuers.

(a total fantasy, because everyone needs and deserves healthcare)

But the truth is

the one thing the 400 families fear the most



the people

get together

Good Luck!

We'll need it


tuskedbeast said…

Just commenting to show support to a fellow surfer who evidences liberal, secular humanist views.

In my fairly recent forays into the specialty internet chat rooms that cater to people that surf, I've been stunned at the political attitudes that are sometimes expressed- intolerance, ignorance, far-right paranoia, etc, etc. It's just a reflection of the fearful times in which we live (thinking of debate audiences cheering "let the uninsured die" sentiments), but still I'm stunned that we who have experienced wave riding and the joy it brings can harbor such anger and mean-spiritedness.

Anyway- cheers.
Beetlejuice said…
I am STUNNED too!!!!!!!!!! Just kill me,and ALL Republicans.
pranaglider said…

Beetlejuice - I good friend wrote me to say that he was working in the land of REAL cowboys and that what stuck out the most for him was the cooperation and strong group ties.
I don't think killing anyone is the answer. Sharing and cooperation is. The things we learned in kindergarten. "Of course you can have some of my paste, I have more than I can ever use"
This country can do better. If we can afford a huge budget for national defense we can afford a huge budget for healthcare and education.

And with that the rather odd mat man stepped down from the soap box and was never heard from again!
Beetlejuice said…
Don't agree too much about more money for schools equates to any improvement in education,it makes us feel good though. As for healthcare-I say take care of your own selfs: less booze, drugs,ciggies and junk food might be a good start, and...... less time on the computer AND more surfing!!!!! November here we come!!!
pranaglider said…
Beetlejuice - I can't agree about the healthcare. Certainly taking care of yourself is appropriate but denying care is just cruel. We provide healthcare to people in prison and for congress why don't we provide it for the general population. As for education, in value it's right behind healthcare. Not only do I think the k-12 education is necessary but that advanced education is a requirement for America to stay competitive in the global economy.

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