Speed Freak

Mat Master Mark Thomson sent a some fine pictures and a note describing the wave.

Following is an excerpt,

"Heres a ZERO G high line and sling shot into a 3 G sub 50 kmph hyper burn. 
Hit this lip going super fast 
Throw your weight away for as long as you can until gravity takes its course 
Then head down free fall into the bowl and hit the throttle wide open 
Then jump to light speed 
Pushing so hard through this last turn 
It hurts to hold my breath."

Mark went on to say this is the same mat he rode at Cottons last year

I also understand there's a new mat in the works


Okemah said…
Perhaps the best top turn sequence ever documented? A testimony to Mark's water skills and dedication to his craft. Note the absence of frontal wake/unecessary turbulence at the apex...beauty.
Mike said…
Yep,Dale's back on form...
Piskian said…
On the contrary,Dale has never made a bodyboard with no grip...
Obemah said…
Unecessary indeed!

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