Fall, falling, fallened

Usually my Fall Equinox post is one of my favorites

I'd post a beautiful fall image

Then try to wax poetic about the season change, off shore winds and bigger swell.

Not feeling it today

I could go on, at length about the social contract

But who here really comes to 23B to discuss Rousseau?

Oh you couldn't afford any higher education? 

Well then that discussion might be time well spent.

Another time, then.  

There is the highly anticipated new movie (CH or HW) from Woodshed 

Showings, both up and down the coast are imminent. (thanks Piskian!)

But if you are like me, you have seen the trailer and are just waiting for the movie to show at the local surf theater. 

Besides everyone is posting that clip this week.

I could provide some nugget of local knowledge about swell or conditions  (it's gonna be three feet for the next 7 days 
(with a blip on Monday))

but you can go to Surf Line, Surf Cast, Wavewatch, or SolSurf just as easy as I can.

I know how about some "latest vacuum packed soul gun as ridden by Rasta"?

looks like a yellow shark

Umm, did that earlier in the week (great stuff Gman! I'm still chuckling)

So I've got nothing for today.

My advice, 

Turn off the computer, go outside and enjoy the day!

It's fall!


Piskian said…
Showings are eminent,but imminent,Prana.Just getting some use out of my degree.When our beloved government still paid for us to go...
pranaglider said…
Thanks P! Good man. I really need someone to edit this tripe! I was a math major before switching over to economics. Ah the droll science.
Val said…
Thanks for posting Elizabeth Warren's quote, Bruce!
Beetlejuice said…
Stay away from that collectivist stuff,it kills the soul.

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