10 Things you need this summer

I try to live my life being not too dependent on things.  Well that's not right since I have a computer, a house, a car and so many other things that I couldn't count them all. So let's say I try to see how dependant on things I really am ;)

Painting by Harry Dean see more at his website

So with that disclaimer out of the way here are a few things that may need in your quiver of stuff for the summer.

  1. fins - With just a pair of fins, ok maybe just one all two is better but they don't need to match, you can conquer the world! Well maybe not but you can have a lot of fun!

    *regarding fins and fit and other stuff see my previous blog entry

  2. sunblock - Always a good idea but I have to admit I don't follow my own advice often enough on this one.

  3. flip flops -The classic summer go to.  Get a pair that fits.  Something you can easily find in the pile outside your friends house.  If you can keep track of these things get a pair that will last, if not just get a cheap pair from the drug store. Better get two cause they will fall apart.

  4. trunks - You need to wear something, there are places best left un-sun-burnt! Unless you only surf at Blacks...

  5. state pass - If the California state park system is still up and running the 130.00 annual pass works out to a dollar a trip. Cheap price for a place to park, a shower and a bathroom. 

  6. towel - You gotta have a towel! My current one is green and has a few dangly bits hanging off it (and needs to be washed!) 

  7. a hat - Especially if you are forgoing #2 sunblock. 

  8. a bike - Blogged a lot on this already.  As  long as it's not a car it's good!

  9. a book - Lots of classics at the bookstore for cheap (required reading for school) or free if you go to the library.

  10. a smile - What can I say?  If you have extras, give one away!  

    As always feel free to play the home game and add other things in the comments section.


pranaglider said…
Number 11 - Music how could I forget music. Every summer needs a theme song!
o4trix said…
number 12 - friends?

i like summer!
Anonymous said…
If no one else will I say this about #5 State park passes.

Ahem, "Passes(?) we don't need no stinkin' passes!"
tres_arboles said…
...the right music, a steady supply of moment-correct adult beverage, and a significant other with whom to share moments and slow down time...

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