June Gloom - Three Views

For anyone not familiar with the Southern California phenomena.

A representative shot pinched from Flicker

Note the complete lack of surf and the coastal fog actually clearing up momentarily.
No idea where this is, could be anywhere, looks like everywhere

Something Scientific (along with a description)

The sun-seeking know to avoid southern California beaches in the late spring. A period known to the locals as May Gray and/or June Gloom often darkens the coastal skies of sunny southern California with a layer of marine stratus. During this time, the coastal clouds may remain all day but often give way to some hazy afternoon sunshine. The number of days during this two month period that are gloomy vary from year to year. Cooler ocean temperatures (La Nina conditions) usually foretell a gloomier period.

One for the art lovers

June Gloom in April courtesy of Stephen Scheffler

Funny no one mentioned the south wind that usually blows out any swell we may get.

Did the Beach Boys ever do a song to go with this?

Didn't think so!


pranaglider said…
Having said that I enjoyed a rainy go out this morning with few takers and fair to middlin' surf.
LeeV said…
The second photo is a perfect portrait of Eddy. The prevailing northwest wind trips on Point conception and starts a counter clockwise rotation that keeps the clouds pushed up against the coast...Eddy hangs until late July when the thermal low in the desert begins to dominate the so Cal weather allowing for the late morning burn off you can't get when Eddy's in town...
pranaglider said…
LeeV - I have been following your boards and stories or is it stories and boards over at Sways for ages. I had no idea you ever stopped by this neck of the woods.
I borrowed the shot from the NWS. Good description of the Eddy and June Gloom phenom. But I like the one where we hook up Eddy with off- shore Flo and they run off for wild times and we get back to glassy south swells.
Pahl Dixon said…
The top photo is taken from the southern end of Point Dume, called The Hut, and that's Paradise Cove pier in the distance.
6ftnperfect said…
you thought you could sneak in a Flo and Eddie reference and no one would notice??? Saw them twice as the warm up act for ALICE COOPER, two years in a row.

God, I'm old....

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