Opie rides a Mat!

Found this snap shot at my mom's house. 
Mom's a tech-no-maven so I used her scanner. Neat!

Judging from the shrubbery I would say this is 61 or 62.

I would drag the mat out as far as I could at the Huntington Beach pier, turn it around and scream straight in to the beach!

Learned about turning and shoulders much later.

Since then I have also learned to open my eyes, loose the rope and move a little forward.

On the upside it looks like I'm already using lower inflation.

PS In my possession I have some new photos of a world class mat rider taken by a world class photographer. Haven't had time to develop the full post yet. But it's coming!  


Okemah said…
Epic shot Prana! I was busy being born in '62 so, you've got a leg up on me! Looks like you had your own then, and didn't need to rent a Hodgman at the pier!
borntoloser said…
I was negative 16 in 1962;)

Prana- care to try for a trestles session sometime this summer? Also, looking forward to good shots of mat surfing.
pranaglider said…
It official I'm older than dirt!
With another Bday right around the corner! Trestles / Cottons is always a good plan. Now I wish the Marines still tried to keep people out!
Jamie Watson said…
That is so cool! It's like it was meant to be all along...

You're not old! People in their 80s would kick us for saying so. Seriously, I want people to cut out that old talk. One of my mottos is "Healthy at 100".
pranaglider said…
Jamie, I like Healthy @ 100!
Beats my old motto, "Wormfood by 97!" Seriously, aging is such a large and multifaceted topic I can't begin to do it justice in a blog entry.

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