The 4th of July

You just have to have a plan

Daytime high temps in the mid 70's nighttime lows in the upper 60's.

Winds 8 to 10 miles an hour.

Four or Five separate swells running from the south.

Two maybe three feet, better on some sets depending on the tide.

Chest high for most people, well overhead on the mat.

Summer indeed

What could possibly ruin conditions like these?

The 4th of July

Now I have nothing against the 4th.

Actually one of my favorite holidays

I never leave my dead end street
sleep in until noon
drink a couple of beers
light off the fire works
(it's OK I live in CM)

Then on the 5th I get up at the crack of dawn

go to the beach

fill my pockets with illegal fireworks left on the beach

and surf my brains out

while everyone else is nursing a hangover or arranging for bail

You just have to have a plan


pranaglider said…
Forgot to mention that the Tour de France is starting on the 4th and I will be spending most of the day watching that. Will work in the nap the beer and the barbecue.

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