The Endless Solstice

This is my favorite time of year.  

As part of the Fathers Day extravaganza at my house I spent some time watching surf videos after the delicious dinner my wife made.

I have to watch Endless Summer. 

Best surf movie ever!

I couldn't decide which movie to watch next so I put in Ultimate Sessions.

I stumbled across the directors commentary option. 
In this case it's Sam George and Peter Townsend doing play by play, who was riding what that week and this wave chaged surfing forever.
Listen to this version the next time you watch it .

After that it was Five Summer Stories.

I have always liked FSS. The music, the short board surfing (pre leash), Lopez at Pipeline, the Huntington contest.

For me it was part fantasy, part scrapbook.

Here's to a great summer!

PS Summer surf movies starting up at Shelter this Saturday!
More details later.


Quiver said…
Question for the mat-er. I had a session this weekend where I was trying to run a section on the high line. The section would build and eventually I would slide sideways. I feel like I was still makeing the section, but awkwardly as my body would contort to try to correct the slide.
I was at 90deg mat bend inflation (corrected after everything cooled off in the water) and I was not squeezing the mat at any time during the ride. What should I be doing to hold a high line?

pranaglider said…
Try squeezing the front outer corner of the mat heading into the section. That will move more air to the inside rail and with a slight body roll onto the now plumper rail you should be rocketing thru the section instead of having to contort to control the side slide.
tres_arboles said…
I love summer too. Waves are never "as good as it gets." But is there anything better than getting out, peeling down the suit (sorry, we're going fully year 'round up here), feeling the sun still warm on the skin at 7:30 PM (long daylight up here too!), and going straight to the cooler for an adult beverage with the taste of salt still fresh on the mouth? I don't think so, and I don't live that way any other time of year. Have a great one!


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