10 Things to do this summer in SoCal

1 Go watch the Wedge break As nice a freak as you will every want to meet. Try to pick a day when there is sufficient swell to make it interesting. DON'T go out

2 Go surf Malibu As close as Holy ground as California can offer. Expect it to be extremely crowded and for the local crew to not hoot you into waves. It's a pilgrimage ever surfer should make. Good luck finding a place to park and making it out alive.

3 Take a long board and go to SanO Bring your longest board. Bring lunch and stay to watch the sun set. Another one of those places everyone should travel to. Try to check out the mellow family vibe and bring that back to your beach.

4 Load your family and just about everything you own and take it to the beach for the day Cooler cooker a tent and all your gear including the kitchen sink. It helps if you have a trailer for this one to tow behind the RV. You will probably really like this one if you think “roughing it” is when room service doesn't answer by the third ring. (Not sure what the allure is for this one but can hundreds of thousand of southern Californians be wrong)

5 Take just your trunks and a smile and spend the day at the beach ok better bring sun screen maybe a towel. This minimalist approach is best if you really got a kick out of number 4 above.

6 If the circus comes to town (pro surf contest) stop by and check it out.

7 Ride something different! If you ride a board grab some fins If you body board grab a log If you log try a hand plane

8 Go Fish! Fishing off the public piers doesn't require a fishing license. A great way to spend the day with your kids or your parents. If you catch anything, throw it back, especially if it has three eyes. Instead opt for the pier burger, eaten outdoors on a nice day they are delicious!

9 Teach someone to surf. No don't. If you do you have to quit yourself. We are are aiming for zero surfer population growth (ZSPG).

10 Take some wood to the beach and have a bonfire. In a pit please and throw your trash away in the cans. The kids will love it.

11 Pick up some trash when you go to the beach, Every time! Thank you!

12 Yea I know I said ten things and we are up to 12 already. If you got this far you must have noticed I can't spell but you thought I could count? Number 12 is get a clue and don't believe everything you read on the Internet.

13 Go see a surf movie, preferably one shot on film and shown outdoors if at all possible. A surf film festival would be even better. They are around especially in the summer months. Shelter is showing a movie on June 27th. Patagonia Cardiff has some. Always a good time.
I could wax longingly about the old Surf Theatre in HB. Saw everything there in the 60's and 70's.

14 Find and old board in a trash can (or a garage sale) ride it a couple of times to figure out exactly why it doesn't work. Then strip the old glass off and reshape it into something interesting. Two things if it is long enough. I will probably post part two of this post. It's been fun. Let me know what you are doing this summer! Gotta go make pizza dough for dinner now


pranaglider said…
I almost forgot,

15 Kill your TV and read a book
Quiver said…
Considering this is a blog about surfmats, I'm assuming most people reading have already "tried something different." As for me, I don't know anyone with a SUP or alaia, and besides that, I try to surf using the other standards.

#15 Stand on the beach at Rincon and try to wish so hard that waves happen.

#16 Spend a day driving around looking for surf. Start by filling your tank before sunrise and end by barly making it home with almost no gas left in the tank.

#17 Go to a beach with blackball in effect and try to stand up on a bodyboard.

#18 Spend a day a work wishing you were at the beach.

(I think I'll make one of these lists for my local.)
HeadHighGlassy said…
#19. Eat more fruit. Summer kicks ass for this.
#20. Sleep outside. Summer kicks ass for this, too.
Surfsister said…
#21 Cheer for someone you don't know, even if he or she has kooky tendencies. Yes, the lineups are crowded, but there's no reason not to share the stoke. You'll make both your day and the other almost-surfer's day.

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