Yes officer that is the weed that did it!

The one just to the right of the shovel

So I decided that in order to do some more fall planting I needed to do little weeding.

I was almost done,

done being a relative term as one is never really  "done" in the garden,

when something started screaming in my lower back.

The scene of the crime

I crawled into the house and I started following the usually protocols.

I'm not sure which is more irritating,

hurting my back or

having done it so many times

that I know what to do when I have done so


Yes my little pet you must endure confinement for a few more weeks 

So while my ice pack and my heating pad duel for BFF status I am out of the water.

Which for the rest of you sea creatures means that a great swell and good conditions is eminent

On the plus side I have that walk like a zombie shuffle down cold!


tuskedbeast said…
Oh,So Sorry!

Best wishes for your swift recovery.

When I was in NZ last, I had two bouts of a new malady for me- ear infections. I was out of the water for months, just when I REALLY didn't want to be.

My way of dealing with dry dock was totally ignoring all thoughts of surfing. This approach was pushed beyond its limits when the inevitable "swell of the season" hit. Besides the buzz and big smiles on the sunburned faces of all the surfers I was living with, I'd see things like photographers with their tripods set up on the turnouts facing the breaks, and, literally, spectators jumping up and down and waving their arms in the air.

Anyway... a silver lining for us is maybe you'll do some more extended essays on this great blog. Take care, get well soon.
pranaglider said…
TB, thanks for your kind words. I am hoping to do some new things here with the layoff but sometimes the meds get in the way.
Ramsnake said…
Bummer mate. Just gonna have to hire that spade guy if your gonna insist on gardening!
pranaglider said…
Oh I insist! I can see the wisdom of letting paying someone else do the "dirty work" but I am having trouble letting it go. Couple of weeks I be back in the water
Josh Aggars said…
Oh man I'm so sorry to hear that and really do appreciate that pain and frustration. I had two herniated discs in my back for a full year to the point where I couldn't walk at all and ended up having surgery. It's had major implications for how often I can get in the water so I hope yours doesn't get to that point. Fingers crossed and best wishes in the meantime.

Surfsister said…
Aw, Prana. At least you've got the zombie thing happening on Halloween. But do the things you know to be of help and get better quickly.

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