Earl Grey Flyers

It seems that a new mat is available on the world marketplace.

Combining the Paul's Blue Streak 4GF and Cornwall's favorite son Grayman's "S-FAHT Stippleback  system"

Details here and here

Unconfirmed at this time but the S-FAHT Stippleback system is believed to be a product of Gman's collaboration with buccas, knockers and piskies.

23B will have a complete report as soon as I can figure out how to convert dollars to pounds.

I also need to decide between the Standard and the Fatty as both are available as Blue Streaks.


One more thing,

Matt Beard is only going to be in town for another week. He still has some fine original work for sale.

Why no one has snagged this beautiful  piece of the north side for their Huntington town home I don't know.
The outside working on what could only be a combo swell and that right on the inside sandbar going off as well. This should be the official Huntington Beach painting!

Check out more of his work

You can see his work in person when you are at the Come Hell or High Water screening at the Surfing Heritage Foundation this weekend. You are going aren't you?


Josh Aggars said…
Two simple letters for you Bruce, xe.com - that converts ya dollars and cents into pounds and pennies for ya.

What lush artwork and what an awesome beard. I feel like such a failure for my art is nothing like that and my beard is lame, itchy and goes a bit orange the longer it gets (its the Scots/Irish in me) so unfortunately I can't look upon those 2 pics without blubbing into my giant man hankie!

Lush looking Mat btw. I'll let surfsister know as she just posted about her Mat love on my blog and if there's one thing I know, she'll be wanting one of these if the pennies can be found.

Big love

P.S. The Stone Roses have reformed. I know they were never big in the US but if you get a chance check them out as for most Brits they were the best British band bar the Beatles so its incumbent upon us to share our knowledge with friends across the pond who may dig this genius act.
Ref: "piskies"

Well spelled Sir.

Josh, if you're from these parts then I demand you make a mat meet.


PS There be a currency converter link on the mat page on UK Mat Surfers shop. Also, I think Paypal lets you pay in GBP.

pranaglider said…
Josh, It should be an easy task but I seem to have trouble with anything involving currency. Forget the gold standard I want to go back to trading with shells and beads.

Matt's beard is as full as it looks. He may be using stray hairs to make brushes! I'll ask.

In my younger days my beard also reflected the orange of the Scots now it simply reflects the white of the aged.

I'll check out The Stone Roses! Thanks for the tip.

Gman - Re the "piskies" I'm a huge fan!
Me too Prana. Unfortunately this donkey's gone to Devon!

Price works out as about $253 inc shipping.

Wheelchair said…
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