Walkin around the back yard

The temps have returned to the normal fall mid 70's from the low 100's earlier in the week

So it's time to get the backyard in shape for the fall garden

But first a quick walk around with a hot cup of tea this morning to see where we are

We have an spot by the fence you can see from the living room. These California natives are going in the ground soon.

The fig tree is doing well we got a lot of figs last summer.  

 After years of waiting the avocado is finally producing!
In the immortal words of Robin, "Holy Guacamole Batman!"

Fluffy the garden troll.

I love the big sun flowers and the local squirrels love the seeds.

The pumpkins go in the compost heap and so there are always volunteers sprouting up where I use the compost. 

Fall tomatoes. After a summer with a huge crop of tomatoes I just can't eat those red things the store sell as tomatoes. No flavor. So I put in three bushes and hope for the best. Last year we had tomatoes thru Thanksgiving (the end of November).

Volunteer tomatoes growing over by the compost heap.

As a kid I was all over the honeysuckle. You pull off the flower tear the end off and pull the stamen back thru the flower. If you are lucky you get a drop of nectar.

After a record number of blossoms 
from the cereus 
another fall bud. 

Cher and Steve gave us this beautiful orchid, it hasn't stopped flowering 

Strawberry's still flowering

My birthday present

The hibicus are wonderful but seem to get a lot white fly.
Just not as cool as Black Flys but a beautiful flower still. 

The number of Sage varieties is staggering. 

of natives.


Wow, we enjoyed seeing the flower photos, thanks for sharing! Aloha and Cowa-flexit! Cher and Steve
Matt23 said…
Lovely plants, if only we could grow fruit and avacados over here. The sunflowers I grew this year didnt go to seed! Whats the deal with these seed companys?
pranaglider said…
Matt23, lots of tinkering with seed and animal DNA these days. I only go for organically grown seed stock anymore. Costs more but it's a small price to pay.
Matt23 said…
One of the reasons I grew them was for the birds. Ill pay more attention to the small print in future!
pranaglider said…
Me too, the birds and the squirrels. They can tell the shells that don't have a nut inside. Amazing. Look for non GMO seeds. Good luck with your next crop.

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