Tom Waits' Private Listening Party - Bad as Me

I have been listening to Tom Waits' for years, no make that decades and this gift with music is intertwined with his ear for language.

The between song batter with the audience is a performance piece all it's own and serves to tie the songs, their stories and Waits' performance character together in a complete package.

In recent years he has discovered the internets, and his video work on these album (did I just say album?) teasers are first rate.

Tom Wait's - Bad as Me is out today

If I had an IPod this would be on it.


Josh Aggars said…
If I had an ipod that I could update this would be on it but alas mine is stuck in 2008 mode as I can't access the hard drive all my tunes were on so if I wipe it I will lose a load of songs I wrote that only exist on this ipod (well and the hard drive I can't access!). Can you even begin to imagine the pain that it is to be me trapped in this situation? :)

Tom Waits is a proper Troubadour.

So any time with the mat this weekend old boy (that's British for pal/friend... not literally an ageist thing)?
pranaglider said…
My condolences on your 08 ipod situation. Not only can I imagine the pain it's a variation on what I do for a living! I'm looking forward to the new sounds on the Waits' CD he is apparently using a much more lush backup sound with more and different instruments etc.

We are in a spot of bother over the surf here. ;) I joined a tribe of knee-boarders for their most recent gathering. Quite small, windy and with a side order of fog. Next week doesn't look much better but hope springs eternal!
Josh Aggars said…
Ah indeed hope, my old trusted friend. I wait for her all the time but she comes fleetingly. I hope she pays you a visit soon then.

Cheers for the heads up on Waits. I'll go and download in a min.

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