Americans listen up!

It seems that the 1% have been reading the US Constitution and have come up with a few changes that they feel would be better for them.

Like where in says in the First Amendment

"Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances."


Ok, so there is no law against free assembly

The work around is that when the people exercise their right to free assembly they can expect the local police to attempt to disperse the crowd around midnight with tear gas and "projectiles".

"Exxon Mobil posts quarterly profit of $10.3 billion, a 41% increase from a year earlier, on higher oil and gas prices." (source CNN)  and still doesn't pay any income tax.

People say that the Occupy movement is just a bunch of kids that don't want a job and are just lounging around.  That there is no clear message from the protesters.

I  would like a government that represents the people and not just the corporations.

You might say that corporations are people too (the dumbest thing I've ever heard btw and just a dodge to get around campaign contribution laws) and should be able to go out and sell a product and make a profit.

OK, fair enough, but I want to go out and sell my time and make a profit too so why don't they pay income tax an I have too?

Why do the people pay their share to educate the population, pay for roads and police all the services.

The corporations take advantage of an educated workforce, manipulate the government, ship jobs overseas, get enormous tax breaks (enough to shelter  10.3 billion a quarter), get bailed out if their profit plan bankrupts their market segment all while the rest of us working people pay the tab.

Why are we bleeding the national treasury dry with multiple foreign wars?

Sometimes it comes to a point where you just can't turn away from the things you see happening.

What is that old saying?

"The more things change the more they stay the same"

This isn't over and I don't see it ending well.

I'll be back tomorrow with more surf related drivel.


Josh Aggars said…
Depressing as hell isn't it? Go back to sleep America, you're government is in charge, go back to sleep America, here's 50 channels of wrestling, go back to sleep America... as the great Bill Hicks once said (well I paraphrase).

Sad thing is if the current situation doesn't get enough people rightly pissed off with the status quo, in both of our countries, then I don't know what will. Maybe it will take the government assassinating people at random on their way to work, maybe that will be the atom that breaks the camels back but still I doubt it.

I hope this movement does work and something comes of it but it seems to me that 1% basically controls everything but freewill (and they're working on that) so up hill struggle isn't the half of it, more like as ant climbing Everest carrying an elephant on its back. As the Stone Roses sang 'he'll never make that hill in a million years, whip crack beating down, he loves his brother, he'd sell him for a fist full of gold...'

Sigh to end all sighs...
tuskedbeast said…
Well, I feel heartened by both your posts, which are pointed and articulate, and grateful that this conversation is happening in such a grassoots way.

Our convictions are being tested by the powers that be- literally the limits of free speech. Despite sensationalistic and radically obstructionist mainstream media coverage, the message is coming through pretty clearly. This is one of those times that I LOVE the internet- we can step sideways to fins alternative opinions, and like I said, your thoughtful voices give me optimism, and a sense of solidarity.
tuskedbeast said…
find, not fins.

But the subconscious mat riding message makes sense anyhoo
Unknown said…
you're not alone, brothers and sistas
"divide and rule" always worked for the powerful in the past add to that the distribution of deliberate mis-information (ie propaganda) about The Cause eg TV interview with the most crazy demonstrator rather than the most articulate.
This is what posts such as yours are critical to ward off the opposing and well organised PR machines of the military-industrial complex.
Well done AirMan!
dip in the brine will re-charge the batteries

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