A slow meander to the beach

I normally surf in the mornings
after the stillness of a watched breath
the stillness of the new day unfolds
slight off shores
the dawn reveals nuggets of peaky goodness

But the Fall,
she has other ideas
foggy mornings
side shore winds
ridiculously fat morning tides

Fall suggests I change my tact
maybe a slow meander to the beach
arriving around the crack of noon

The tide is out
and the air temp
has risen to a respectable level

Light winds
have replaced
morning glass
with a slight texture

Too bad it's still flat!


john said…
....and little insiders like that still stoke me!!!!!!!
pranaglider said…
this is the stuff I've had great fun on with the hand plane. BTW the pictures aren't from today
daniel said…
nice post you captured whats going on up here in cruz town to

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