Sacred Craft - 2011 - Wrap Up Edition

The 2011 Sacred Craft Expo honoring Carl Ekstrom was a hoot

Lot of interesting shapes everywhere and I had a great time talking to exhibitors, attendees and old friends.

People keep asking what one booth was my favorite

I can say my three favorite booths were


Matt Beard -

I love his plein aire work. A subjective call certainly. But it's art and I know what I like.

I bought a couple of prints, had them matted and framed, and they are fighting for wall space in the man cave as we speak.

Entropy Resins -

Bio-based epoxy resins. We are plum out of dinosaurs and we need to look toward renewable sourced products in all areas. Surfboards and other surf equipment (wetsuits, fins, etc) have traditionally been made from petroleum based materials. Surfings "dirty little secret" is that for all the tree hugging, ocean loving  we do our toys are, for the most part made from non renewable resources and don't break down after their life expectancy is over. These guys are offering an alternative.  I think it's a step in the right direction and I'm stoked they are offering an alternative.

Enjoy Handplanes -

I had the opportunity to talk to Ed Lewis and Kipp Denslow for the first time at Sacred Craft. It was obvious from the get go that these guys are on the vanguard of surfing's new direction. Their handplanes are recycled from broken boards. The foam is already here so instead of chucking it into a landfill one board is being recycled into several handplanes. This is what is meant by Reuse in the Reduce, Reuse, Recycle waste hierarchy.  The shaped blanks are then glassed using the bio-resins from Entropy (see above). Did I mention that the shapes are sweet and are blast to ride?

Super stoked on their energy and the direction they are heading.
Big lessons to be learned here by the rest of the surf industry.
I can only hope they are paying attention.

So there you have it the Sacred Craft Wrap up.


Ed Lewis said…
We had a blast at Sacred Craft. Thank you so much for the write up! We are honored. It was so great to meet up with you in person. Kipp and I both have been checking your blog for so long now. Keep up the good work on the blog and hope to see you in the water soon! Take care, Ed from *enjoy
pranaglider said…
Ed - You guys are making a difference while I rearrange the 26 letters of the alphabet and surf. The pleasure was all mine, you guys keep up the good work!

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