Sacred Craft - 2011 - Asymmetrical - Monday Edition

My vote for the best surf t-shirt at Sacred Craft.

No idea why this shot is sideways - I hate blogger sometimes

The world would be a boring place if everyone rode a mat.
Mike Black standing next to his latest collaboration with Bing master shaper Matt Calvani.
In a classic Sacred Craft moment Mr. Black, movie maker, math teacher, blogger, and pig rider was scraping the wax off his current ride in the parking lot just before the show.   Not a corporate shill plugging the latest model this is the board Mike rides at "sliders point" in his passionate pursuit of the perfect pig! Blast It!

My entry for perfect t-shirt for the event. Hanging ten on the tractor!
The Cultivator at Ortega reef.
Native plants grow better. 

Shapers are always interested in riding surf mats.
Mark Thompson with another convert.
This one is going to Santa Cruz.

That little black slab to the right is a carbon fiber biscuit that in embedded in a blank instead of a stringer.
Shapers work with the company to make custom shapes with custom flex properties.
Good Stuff!

I  had the privilege of talking with Brian Hibers about some of his boards.
Decades of surfing and refining their boards make for the best of handcrafted surf craft.
This is the reason I come to Sacred Craft, master craftmen and women who have devoted there lives to making insane surf craft. PS the fin on this board would make any board work better. 
This booth was shared by Kirk Putnam, Andreini, Hibers and Anderson.
It doesn't get any better.

I not sure who shaped it, who glassed it, who foiled the fins or who did the graphics but this board was sweet!
Found it resting comfortably in the Kordoroy Lounge


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I can appreciate that everyone has their opinion and I have no problem with you expressing yours here but if your erudite analysis of the topic of the day includes name calling I'll make it so I have to approve comments, disallow anon comments etc.

No one wants that.

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