Sacred Craft - 2011 - Asymmetrical

While I get the photos in order here are come quick grabs

This wrist band admits you to the best show in town!

My favorite booth, as always was the Korduroy Lounge. Walking around for hour fondling rail and talking to surfboard designers, shapers, glassers and visionaries tires me out. Fifteen minutes sacked out on a sofa watching surf movie revives the stoke.

Ryan Burch won last year's Young Guns of Shaping. The foam was flying in two separate shaping demo booths. 

This years event honored Carl Elstrom.


Josh Aggars said…
Looks like a blast. Wish we had something like that near us. What was the highlight?
pranaglider said…
Josh, It's definitely a blast. Scott keeps moving it around so it may come to somewhere near you. Where are you at? Too many highlights to count (kind of like Rod Steward's hair) I'll be posting on this for a couple of days.
Josh Aggars said…
Hey Bruce,

Excellent thanks. Well unless they're bringing it to the UK it will probably be a while til I see it in person. Until then I'll have to vicariously live it through your excellent posts!

Btw congrats are in order for your photo appearing on the Surfing Magazine blog! As you said they don't normally publish without a big fat PR cheque behind it so it's either a great compliment to your photography skills (most likely) or you've been secretly slipping envelopes of unmarked bills under the editors door for the past year! Hmm me thinks the former.

Thanks for sharing the pics.

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