Everything old is new again

I'm getting more excited by the minute about going to Sacred Craft this weekend!

It's such an sensory overload, the really old boards, the kinda old boards, the current crop of stuff and the things that can only fit into the "wow I've never seen one of those" category.

As I mentioned earlier, Carl Ekstrom is being honored this year for his exciting and ongoing contributions to design.

The asymmetrical boards especially have made a big comeback lately.

Which is always interesting and I can honestly say that every board I have ever shaped has been asymmetrical. Not intentionally mind you but still, they rode ok. Not really a magic board in the bunch but still for a early DIY effort they were surfable.

The surf mat is proof of the concept that asymmetrics work. Riding a mat you are reshaping that sucker fifty times each wave and there is no waiting for the resin to go off. No tape, no razor blades, no sanding, no mess, no explosions! Good Stuff!

But I digress

Stoked to go to the show and check out the boards and mingle with the surfers.

Since there is not a deadicated  Sacred Craft for mats I thought some shots of the old mats would be nice.

Tremor posted a beauty of Bob Gillet riding a perfect wave at Huahine (it's in the mix you can't miss it) on a stripes sideways Hodgman.  This got me thinking along the lines that as much as we tweak our equipment in attempts to "surf better", maybe the best thing to do is to just relax and enjoy the ride.

I'll see you on Saturday at the show!


Brine Time said…
Always entertaining, esp days like today when I have a head full of the 'flu. How's that old shot of Kirra second from bottom - ladies advertising some dress shop monochrome? Note the extreme abundance of sand. When I was a kid last century we would scrounge empty Coke bottles there, cash them in at the shop and use the money to hire those black rubbery surf-o-planes. A young Rabbit Batholomew was the kid hiring them out!

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