Sacred Craft - 2011 - The Miscellaneous Edition - With special news break

A B+ board on top of an A+ board stand. Everything asymmetrical was brought to the front.

The wax collection was a high point for me. Weird I know but scent memories are some of our strongest.  The purple square with the blue label (middle shelf far right) was the standard in my day. 
If I close my eyes I can still smell it.

Breaking News... Breaking News...Breaking News...

Photo: Burkard

Breaking News... Breaking News...Breaking News...

The photo above, clearly showing a man with a mat in the vicinity of a really fun looking right, appeared on the Surfer Magazine blog!
Details are sketchy at this hour. Whether it was a mistake, a prank, an ill timed April Fools joke or a sign of the coming Apocalypse we here at 23B don't know at this time but we will be bringing you updates of this earth shattering event as they become available. As far as we know Surfer Magazine  hasn't run a picture of anything or anyone that doesn't have a high paying advertisement in the magazine in decades. 

Perhaps they attended the SACRED Craft Expo and just got Stoked?

Now back to the normal post....


A beer can filled surfboard

The Rainbow Fin display is just that, a rainbow.

I'm ok with one, two, three, four and even five fins but when it get to seven I'm hoping that this is a demo.

My picture doesn't capture how great this glass job looked.
I can't tell you another thing about the board.

The antique road show aspect of the event is one of my favorite facets of the show. I keep coming back to see whatever the latest log or mini gun had just been brought in.

If the elements can do this to a fine example of Detroit transportation all I can say is "Kids wear your sun block"

* Just a note regarding the mat photo on Surfer.  I think everyone should take a moment to remember just where they were when they first heard the news. People at the office will talk about it, strangers on the street will come up to you and blurt it out.  This will be the lead story for days on the big new channels. But take a moment to quietly reflect now before all the hubbub begins Myself, I was over at Surfmatters  the point being this sort of thing doesn't happen everyday and we members of the matting community may not see an event of this magnitude again. Something to tell the grand kids about.


Unknown said…
Have your team gathered any more leads about this story?

I see your on todays LSORO amongst some good shapes.
pranaglider said…
Matt23 - I have activated my sleeper cell of operatives deep in the heart of the surf industry / action sport retailer complex. Soon I hope to have, in my possession the finest intelligence that unlimited money can buy. Until then there is nothing to do but play cards, smoke cigars, drink grain alcohol of questionable parentage straight from the bottle, and wait.
Unknown said…
Think Ill resort to an ale myself.

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