Fall in the Garden

Seeds planted last Sunday are already starting to appear!


This is what I'm after.
All Winter and most of the summer, my wife and I dine on home grown Swiss Chard.

The last batch lasted almost a year and when it was finally finished it went off in a big way.

Like green and red fireworks
 that go slow enough
 to get a good look at

The Chard stocks were almost as tall as the giant Sunflowers when they reached their full height.

For now I can only wait and be stoked this stuff grows like weeds in the backyard

Mat Meet Update -

The surf is looking pretty small over the weekend for a mat meet so it is on hold until we have some more swell.

There has been a bunch of San Diego Matters getting meeting up on the Facebook group "In George we Trust".

I think regional chapters are forming (or have formed, I am usually out of the loop on these things) but the point I wanted to make is that if you would like a note here on 23B to notify people that you "will meet at the Denny's parking lot at 6am" before heading off to terrorize the local spot, let me know.  I'm glad to help out. If I can make it I might be in the parking lot too.


Kirk said…
great meeting you at the Scared Craftsmen show, you'll never get rid of the chard (which is not a bad thing, I have 3 varieties all self seeded in the yard and just about live off it) and can I bring a bellyboard to a mat meet? I'd be happy if you rubberlovers felt the need to heckle me, just makes it all more fun.
pranaglider said…
Kirk, You are more than welcome to come to a mat meet with any kind of surf craft. That's the beautiful part of a mat meet. Doubt there would be much heckling but probably quite a few offers to trade for a couple of waves! BTW, I had chard cooked up with mushrooms and onions in my breakfast eggs this morning.

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