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It has come to that part of the year where nights are long and surf conditions may be sub optimal.  During these long winter months I sometimes opt for some fine classic literature and a glass of 20 year old scotch in front of the roaring blaze of the fire.

If the dog is already ensconced in the chair front of the fire, the single malt already gone and the TV blaring some insane nonsense I will heat a soothing mug of "sleepy time" tea, crawl into bed and read some new SciFi.


Set in a post apocalyptic future (aren't they all) the hero must compete in a tournament of 80's arcade games to defeat the bad guys, save the world and win the girl. Classic and yes perhaps a little overdone. If you were alive in the 80's and were a fan of the early arcade games you'll like this one.

You have probably heard of author Neal Stephenson, for his novels Snow Crash or The Baroque Cycle.  His current release is set in the current day and involves a multi-player computer game (think WoW), Chinese hackers, the Russian Mafia.  I'm half way thru this now and expect the last half to be at least as entertaining as the first 500 pages

If you aren't in the mode for SciFi , most anything by Haruki Murakami is good. His gift is in his descriptions of everyday events and conversations. Good Stuff.

Next up on my personal reading list is Sam Savage

I read some interesting reviews of his work and he looks like a mat rider ...


Josh Aggars said…
He does indeed. Single malt and fire sounds nice. Wish I could say the same as our house is fireless the useless bricks and mortar construction that it is.

It's an oldie but have you read 'Riding the Magic Carpet' by Tom Anderson? That's a good surf travel read. Also, and I'm ashamed to say it in public, but I am a fan of Lee Childs Jack Reacher books so am looking forward to the new release. Was apoplectic to hear that Tom Cruise (he of the 5ft 1's) is to play Reacher (he of the 6ft 100's) in the movie adaptation. Talk about bad casting.

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