Mat Meet and Fall Swell Review

Some of us in the United States Matting Federation or USMF if you prefer have expressed interest in another mat meet.

Well not really, Surf Sister demanded one over on Facebook. But be that as it may, I have no objections in principle to gathering together for some communal wave sliding.

We are now in the fall of the year here in SoCal a season that can be many things for many people. I can be the best of times and it can be the worst of times

Blah blah blah blah

So if we have all recovered from my literature brain freeze I will continue, so here is the deal,  fall can be great with both northern and southern hemispheres churning out swell, which if fortune smiles upon us can lead to crossed up perfection.

It can also mean that we are stuck in the doldrums for weeks where neither hemi does anything interesting but just sits and sloshes about.

So here is the mornings sat gifs. I always go with the ones with the pretty colors although I have no idea what they mean having lettered in the droll science instead of something practical like meteorology.

While it doesn't look particularly bad or anything maybe some wind swell over the next couple of days, the swell of the decade isn't going to happen in the next few days. At least one coming from a NW direction. After that maybe, there may be something on the horizon (in this case both a literal and figurative reference) if that reddish hue on the edge of our globe goes medieval the event could be on!

The northern hemi being covered, more like cloaked in uncertainty lets move on. So then you have the southerlies, we enjoy two variants, local south swells generated by hurricanes off Mexico and  the thunder from down under, massive storms that travel huge distances to delight us here in the US.

Local - too soon to tell, while "tropical cyclone activity in not expected in the next 48 hours" I do like the looks of those dark spots on the weather graph. They look like claw marks and that has to be good, werewolves and zombies being so the rage this season.

I am notoriously bad at doing any sort of predictions so please don't book your travel arrangements to Mexico and then blame me when the only waves you find are the ones in the pool when that drunk gringo fell in.

So moving on.

If you live on the west coast of  South America you have already have waxed up your big wave boards.

We may get some of this depending on what this blob was doing during the last 48 hours when I wasn't paying attention, preferring instead to spend time composing bad poetry and blowing on dandy lions in the vast rich meadows and forests which surround my palatial estate.

So if you have read down this far you will be expecting some sort of summation, a few words of wisdom to but things into perspective, perhaps some signs to watch out for in the coming days.

I got nothin

As my Gram Gram used to say to me, "Prana, we'll just have to wait and see..."

I we decide on a date and a location for the next mat meet I'll post it up.


Brine Time said…
"fall is the cruelest month" (or three)
you may have noticed on the other side of the world west of New Zealand a little red blob of swell - fingers crossed in Ozland
tuskedbeast said…
Before you self-deprecate into oblivion, let me tell you I love your poetry, and I read your gardening entries with interest; I'm studying horticulture.

Hey, speaking of meeting matters, I finally met my first ones- two at once, in fact, on a lovely day in Santa Cruz. I can't tell you how stoked I was! We flip-flopped toward each other like eager labradors and shook hands- just like your other great post a few weeks ago, instant solidarity (that of fellow Evolutionary Sports?). And just yesterday, I met a freshly-hatched matter here at Ocean Beach, San Francisco- Cameron, on his second day out on his new FGF.

I no longer completely envy you down there, with your community ready to converge, seemingly, at a whim- I've met some other sneetches. But how lucky you are to hang with that bunch! Hope it happens, have a blast, take pictures!
Ramsnake said…
I am yet to stumble over a fellow mat rider in the course of my day:-(
pranaglider said…
Briney - We can only hope and keep a keen eye out on the blobs!

TB - Thank you for your too kind words. I never read poetry until the last few years. Then Gary Snyder led to Philip Whalen and Lew Welsh (a personal favorite). Then Jim Dodge, whose book "Rain on the River" I refuse to finish because I can't live in a world where there is no more of his work to read. Of course Basho, Buson and Issa were real mind expanders and I'll continue to read translations of their work forever. Red Pine's translation of Han Shan "Cold Mountain" work or really any of the greats is awesome. So when I say self-depreciating things about my work it's because I so love the masters. Having said that, I write because I have no choice. The gardening, each plant is a master piece! A poem unto itself. They're for our enjoyment, entertainment, enlightenment and nourishment. Horticulture is the study of chemistry, physics, ecology, and philosophy. Good Choice!

My best regards to Cameron, whom I've never meet, but riding a mat at OB is very impressive! Be careful out there that place looks gnarly.

I hope that surf matters are helping take surfing back from the ASR and bring it back to the fringe of the students, the beach combers the unemployed and the funky!

Ramsnake - The change is coming and then you'll wonder where all these people on mats came from!

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