Someone has a case of the Mooondays

I'm not sure if it's some sort of cosmic Luna hang over or what but I can barely move this morning

I wouldn't mind as much if I had some rip roaring experience I could relate

but no

same old same old

early to bed

up before dawn

"makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise"

Let's just say the jury is out.

But anyway,

If you haven't signed up for the emails from both Surfers Path and Drift Surfing

you are missing out

Surfers Path has an emailer called Monday Morning Wave

This sucker has saved my personal sanity more times than I can count.

(clue the harps for dream sequence)

First thing Monday morning, at work, praying the coffee kicks in soon, sitting in my work chair, the back spasms already starting and  reading emails from work-alcoholic staffers who send and expect replies to work related emails sent over the weekend (the weekend shaped up as some swell and a lot of tide) I push aside thoughts of mayhem that would only get me 5 to 10 and click on another email

What shows up is the following

Photo by Chris Burkard

then a little bit of postive vibrations

"Just before an epic wave, there is a trough. So if you are down, get in position for the good coming to you."
- Gary Young (surfer, innovator, bamboo researcher)

I mean emails don't get any better than that!

(well there are those ones that promise that I have won a zillion dollars in some third world lottery but since it happens twice a week the surprise is starting to were off )

(did you know those lotto things were fake?) 

So sign up, it free and the pictures and bits of text are excellent.

Drift Surfing has a similar r-,s;oerm (or e-mailer if your fingers strike the right keys)

It gives you picture links to their various bits of well thought out  surf journalistic goodness.

But you already incessantly browse to anyway don't you, so the email is more of a reminder of goodness past than something you haven't already read.

Something to note, now that we are in the era of iPad-e-ness, and there is now an Apple-rific platform for paper monthly magazines to move to I think the surf mag shake out is near.

And who is sitting in a better position to take advantage of this nodal point than Drift Surfing?

(just wanted to take this opportunity to suck up)

New blogs

If you haven't already, you may want to fling yourself thru net space over to Brine Time.

The work of another talented Ozzie whose past times include "turning light into gold" and "being pushed about by briny waves".  Photo heavy, good stuff, check it out. Brine Time

One last thing

I may have been out of the water for too long but I finally scored this morning

A new spot I am calling Pillsbury Point.
Today was a solid 10-15 with bigger sets.  I would tell you where it is but then I would have to poke you in the stomach with my finger.

The point is ruled with an soft white buttery hand but an iron fist by a bunch of toughs that call themselves the "dough boys".

Actually nice guys once you get to know them.  They have an bad boy image due to crankiness caused by exposure to the heavily polluted waters of the point and the chronic yeast infections that result.  I could see Tom Wolfe doing an expose on these guys.   Pictures are hard to come by but here is a snap I wanted to share.

   Funny story, I thought this was a cool bro I had talked to before.  Turns out he was totally somebody else and  REALLY didn't want me to surf there. Yew!


pranaglider said…
back on the heavy caffeine again, hard to tell if effects my writing.

hope you enjoyed it as much as I liked getting those bits out of my head and on to the net.
Brine Time said…
Hey BIG THANKS for the mention - stoked
PS we had Moonday weirdness in Brinetopia as well. I thought it was just my old bones rattling under the relentless spell of the local spin doctor, but the young ones were stricken as well.
Maintain the stoke.
wavechild said…
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