The iMat has arrived!

As the conference hall light go down a gnome of a man steps to the podium and utters the following,

"... an one more thing I wanted to show you..."

The light show starts, LOUD rock and roll blasts thru the sound system and a small shape rises from the center of the stage as a HUGE graphic coelleses on the gumbo-tron behind the stage

I give you

THE iMAT!!!!!!

Of course you knew it was coming. The word on the street had been going on for months. Everyone was wondering what JJ had been working on all those late nights in his underground lair and surf mat lab.

Originally as a proof of concept model for the design which would be the Speed Stripe mat. News of this diminutive mat (or mat-lett if you will), took on a life of it's own in the mat community. Rumors abounded that micro matting would be the surf craft of choice amongst surfing’s elite.

People spoke in hushed tones of Slater riding one at Teahupo'o. Certain strictly off limits outer reefs were rumored to be overrun with them in the Islands!
Even though the mat was originally a model the inflatable hand plane applications are in double top secret testing as we speak. Rumors include a black gardening glove attached to the deck. I have also heard, from a reliable source, that a highly modified PlayStation controller has been rewired to control a matrix of servos necessary to control hydro actuators which have been specially designed to add “turbo speed assist” , “lateral drift power assistance” as well as several additional modifications that may assist the rider control the mat in “4th dimensional space”. My source for this information had heard rumors of additional options but did not have the necessary security clearance to work on the projects.

(On a side note, my informant died in an unfortunate accident involving a bottle of Tequila and several common pigeons, shortly after passing me this information).
Way to go JJ!  ugh, can I ride it when you are done?


Okemah said…
Hee hee!!!!
I just envisioned myself in Mom jeans and a black turtleneck...not a pretty picture!
cy said…
soooo epic! how can i order one??
Anonymous said…
the hand mat
pure genius
piskian said…
Sorry that's an Iriver,the imat is old news,check the Uk mat forum...

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