It must be spring time

because everyone seems to be planing events

On March 5th at 6:00 pm

Almond Surfboards are celebrating their one year anniversary!

Surf over to their site for all the details  - Almond Surfboards

If you haven't seen the clip of Cyrus Sutton on his new Almond

Check it out

Aquatic Almond Prototype from on Vimeo.

After that you have all day Saturday to rest up for

The Shelter Surf Shop event

"Los Desperados Banditos Music and Art Show"

Saturday March 6 at 7pm

Check the Shelter Site for more details

One last note

Jet setting matting super star Jamie McClellan
has somehow managed to mangle himself a bit (just how is unknown)
his CT scan was clear and with some rest he should be back in the water soon

photo by Angela X Collins


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