/*23 Breaths: Carpe diem quam minime credula postero*/

Friday, February 26, 2010

Carpe diem quam minime credula postero


Sometimes I sit myself down and I have myself a little fantasy.

Nothing kinky

I don't tie myself up first or nothing

Just a little dream of an island where I could surf a never ending supply of lefts or rights

depending on the swell and tide.

(sometimes there is an internet connection sometimes not but always a stack of mats!)

Enjoy your weekend.

Thanks for the pic Dale!

*In Horace, the phrase is part of the longer Carpe diem quam minime credula postero – "Seize the day, trusting as little as possible in the future", and the ode says that the future is unknowable, and that instead one should scale back one's hopes to a brief future, and drink one's wine.


Nigel S. Peppercock said...

Now that you have found the whereabouts of the Gnarshire we must either kill you or breed you out slowly. The choice is yours, the eggs are in your basket, the pot has called the kettle black, the 9th life of the cat has been taken, and the ransom can be placed in a non-descript bag; unmarked bills only please.

pranaglider said...

23 million 23Breaths Bucks have been dropped off in the prearranged location.

Jamie said...

The Shire's about an hour from my place... read about a fellow who lived there off and on solitary tent style for many spins of the globe. Found thongs, never a matching pair. Good waves though...

Brine Time said...

A long time ago my brother, my cousin and I paddled over to this island and surfed it. We found out later that the late Peter Troy (RIP) - first guy to surf the Amazon area in the 70's - had the lease.

Bagjuan said...

An island of like mystery lays off this coast, deep in the heart of " Killer Territory". The infamous pirate,"Z", will deliver you there for a small bag of BreathBucks.