Adventures on our Event Horizon

Bits from all over today

Keith Novosel is a frequent contributor to the bodysurf site.
Great stuff!
Check his personal stash at his Look at what the light did now blog

I have always been a big fan of "Adventures in Trim" blogger Chris Preston

Check out his quiver piece in the Drift Surfing Euro Edition

Here is a great body surfing clip from the up and coming movie "Stoked and Broke"
I can't wait until this comes out.
But wait we must, so in the mean time, enjoy

Cyrus filming for "Stoked and Broke" from on Vimeo.

After things change I want to get one of those cams out on the mat.

I have mearged the "too cool for words" and "seperated at birth section" of 23B today to bring you the following

Brought to our attention by the fine folks at the "Grass is Greener"

First a shot of local cinematographer, producer, director and independent film maker RT.

Next a classic shot of Mr Pipeline himself, Gerry Lopez


Reminds me of this except that it's good

In todays "Print isn't quite dead yet" section ...

There is a new book out by surfer / shaper / psychadelic adventurer
Mike Hynson - Transcendental Memories of a Surf Rebel

 This Mike remembers Rainbow Bridge movie clip goes along nicely.

So many great adventures on our event horizon!


pranaglider said…
After looking at that video, I want an all white mat that I can take to "Star Shields" (Star did a lot of the airbrush work on the Rainbow boards) to get the full airbrush treatment.

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