Mat Shrines

Thanks to everyone that wrote in to tell me about their mat shrines!

It turns out that most of you have mats, fins and wetsuits (in season) stashed in the car ready to go at a moments notice!

There was also a man from Nantucket that kept his mat stashed in a bucket,

(unfortunately he sent pictures that I can't include here because of the family nature of our show)

Warren Pfeiffer has devoted a room to his mats and other mat shine misc.

This shot shows the rocker built into some of his mats

(Warren also has the only known mat mating program in existence!)

Warren flying along in the real mat shrine.
photo by Dane Peterson

Jamie McClellan is on the move alot sampling the fine waves along the coast in Oz but sent in this photo.

Jamie's current quiver contains, ";">5' alaia, and handplane from the scrap end of the blank, shaped by me and  Richard Harvey (early Indo pioneer, discovered Padang Padang), a whole bunch of mats, one Neumatic, the rest by PG.;fins, UDTs, Vipers, and Da Fins. not pictured: 4'10 x 19 tri-plane edgespoon, 9'9 Allison Classic singlefin gun, and 7'0 CI MSFG1. all in storage in the states. the two foam boards are for sale to a good home."

Here is Jamie at Rockbreak, Burleigh Heads, Jan 2010 riding a 4GF Standard w/ the old metal valve/black nylon. 
Photo by Angela X Collins

Jonathan Jarret, who many of you know as ThinkMat sent in this  quiver shot.
This is actually the famous "mobile mat museum" and includes mats of his own design as well as mats he has collected.

Thinkmat here rides a mat of his own design and fabrication. This one is patterned after the "stripes down" Hodgemans mats.
photo by Ken McKnight

In addition to making mats, JJ also is at work organizing and digitizing miles of surf footage and we may see one of the few surf films with decent mat footage from him in the future!

 Thanks to everyone who sent in pictures and words for me to share!

Today I think it's fitting to leave you with some of ThinkMat's footage shot from his home made water rig


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