Tom Threinen

Todays surf mat shrine comes to us from Tom Threinen.

Tom's roots as a San Diego area surfer / artist go back to his days riding the local breaks on a fish shaped by Steve Lis.

Tom has donated his Lis fish to the Surfing Heritage Foundation collection.

By the mid 70's Tom was the staff artist for SURFING Magazine and worked with Drew Kampion as the illustrator of the ever popular Don Redondo comic strip!

A shot of Tom's knee board quiver.  Tom was the glasser / airbrusher at Mike Sheffer's Fresh Fish Surfboards.  Jim Blears won the world contest on a "Fresh Fish".

Tom driving his board though the slot somewhere in Mexico.

Tom says, "I now surf only on a deliberately under inflated air mattress, George Greenough started it all in the 1960's".

A close up of Tom's shrine, according to Tom it "contains two sacred relics: the last fish kneeboard I made for myself in 1977, and my current 4GF hybrid mat (which is often missing from the shrine)".

Tom riding on one of his sacred relics in SD. photo by Ken McKnight

Check Tom's latest work at his website


pranaglider said…
Tom is such a nice guy this was too much fun to put together. Tom had a ringside seat on an interesting slice of time, I'm surprised the Journal hasn't done a proper interview.
Love this story, thanks for sharing. Tom is a wonderful person and very talented. The 60s and 70s were very special times to live and surf here in San Diego.
Love, Cher (and Steve)
Bill Eckert said…
Tom should be recognized as an essential figure in the rich Southern Calif surf scene. His skill and genius as both a surfer and artist puts him in the company of Rick Grffin and George Greenough.
pranaglider said…
Bill, Total agree and Tom is truly one of the nicest people you ever want to meet.

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