A path with heart

I have been reading Tamalpais Walking - poetry , history and prints by Tom Killion and Gary Snyder

A great book based on either the strength of Killions incredible wood block prints or Snyder's discussion of the area.

Mt. Tam and the surrounding area figured into much of Snyder's poetry and stories and I'm a big fan so this is particularly sweet for me.

Tom Killion's wood block prints are just amazing! Hundreds of hours go into carving each one and since his subject matter are the California mountains and coastal region it is always a special treat for me to see his work.

 Two quotes from the book have been rattling around inside my head for a few days

"All paths lead to nowhere, so choose a path with heart"

"There are things to be learned and stories to be found only when you leave the trail."

Both quotes, for me, are the essence of why I ride a mat.
Well off the beaten path of the surf industry.
(I mean can a brother get a tee shirt with a mat rider on it?!)
No false icons to pray to that might magically remove all your obstacles.
Nothing left to do but take a look for yourself.

Don't like those fins?
Carve on them!
Tune'em up a little.

Mat not working working?
Let some air out or add some more in!

Tired of the crowds?
put your mat and fins in a pack
and take a walk down the beach

It's your trail,
for you to walk
(or paddle as the case may be)

breathe deep
pay attention
and enjoy the ride!

"roll of mats" photo by warren pfeiffer

"A way that can be followed is not the ultimate way"


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