Hike Who?

The remembrances, art, and dare I say evidence of last weeks matting activities are still streaming in.

This shot by Bagjuan of Pete was taken the last morning on his mat cam (wrist mounted) final session ended with a rainbow ending in a pot of gold. Nice!  white bottoms were humming.......!

Sadly I missed the mat themed poetry jam, but Kendog was kind enough to send this along.

"Pete's wife Diane and I traded some Haiku's on the highway in front of Swamis one day last week.
Here is what was written down. Me first then Diane's three."

Turn loose summer clouds
For 3 men 3 mats and fun
gallop straight overhead

I feel the water
rushing beneath me flying
The mat unites us

Beneath the water
rushing wild atop I feel
just a mat between

I trade the power
of kicking fin clad feet for
the wave's massive surge

I added one more post event

Then two arrived
and 2 plus 3 makes 5 ha
sliding in pre storm bone yard

not as good as the previous ones but that points out the wisdom of making things together
poetry, like a day surfing with friends improves
as the experience is shared
and the energy ricochets


pranaglider said…
Creative input from everyone on this post! Thanks to Diane, Pete, BagJuan, Tom, Kendog, mat makers, and King Neptune for their contributions.
Brine Time said…
You have inspired me to share one of mine:

going up country
looking for aunty's aunty
beyond the wires

andrew said…
Wha? Mat meet in S.D. and I wasn't there? Then it didn't happen.

Sounds fun:)
pranaglider said…
Briney - I like it! thanks for sharing.

andrew - sorry, it was a school day...

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