I was feeling a little grey

maybe a little washed out

As I mentioned in a previous post, the Vulkem I use for texture on my mat has finally worn down (too many sandy dredgers) and it was time to reapply and I was thinking of  adding a touch of color

I know that some of you out there are talented (or know the right people) and have "graphically enhanced" your mats

So growing up in the 60's

well I actually did more growing up in the 70's

But the point being I was thinking along the lines of lots pretty colors

Maybe graphics with a surf motif...

My excitement grew when Dale sent me a sample of the colors that are available with some initiative

He also included a sample of some of the work he had done for a customer

I was about then that I remembered that I have no artistic talent!

None at all!


So while I recover from that shocking revelation,

let me know what you are doing to enhance your mats.

Emails are good, emails with pictures are even better.

Interesting shots will probably end up in future posts!


6ftnperfect said…
get four different colors and get Jackson Pollock on that baby!

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