All of Yesterdays Tomorrows

This would have been perfect for yesterdays post

I could have still used the UFO and everything!

Here is a clip of matter Cookson using a Hero cam to bring us along on a flight of his homemade Paipo

Pine Paipo Hendra from cookson on Vimeo.

Nice work Cookson!

No telling what playing Hendrix and Sinatra on the same computer will do to your speakers...

And speaking of new speakers, the long awaited never release Hendrix album, Valleys of Neptune is due out in March of 2010.

Stone Free
Valleys of Neptune
Bleeding Heart
Hear My Train A Comin’
Mr. Bad Luck
Sunshine of Your Love
Lover Man
Ships Passing Through the Night
Red House
Lullaby for the Summer
Crying Blue Rain

Check out a taste of "Valleys of Neptune" HERE

Mat note:  Since I blamed much of my poor performance yesterday on the Vulkem wearing down on my mat it looks like a re-texturing is in order.  This time I'm thinking of ordering a colored Vulkem.  Just to, you know, punch it up a bit. The available colors are Almond, Aluminum, Black, Bronze, Buff, Gray, Dark Bronze, Ivory,Limestone, Redwood Tan, Beige, Stone, Anodized Aluminum, Aluminum Stone, White, and Natural Clay.  Sadly nothing day-glo so my dreams of a psychadelic mat will have to wait.  Still too many for me to pick from. I'm thinking Grey.  But if any of you have used the colors or have some input I would be happy to hear it.


pranaglider said…
I still call em albums.
Anonymous said…
get white vulkeem and mix dry a little dry pigment into it....voila ! ..not exactly day glow but definetly phycodelic..

too much pigment and it wont cure...keep the colors kinda a test panel..
great post! classic.
and looking forward to the Hendrix, too.

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