order from chaos?

What do you get when

RT Thomas

(filmmaker behind such films as The Bruce Movie & BS! etc)


Mike Black

(the mathematically inclined pig rider who brought us Jazz the Glass and Invasion from Planet C)

collaborate on a bit of movie magic?

Perhaps collaborate is not the right word,

I would prefer to think that they are in cahoots.

Yes, in cahoots would be better.

Either way these things take time an we will have to wait and see.

Good Luck Gentlemen!

In the mean time,

RT has been giving us regular updates on his blog WWAARRBBLLEESS


the Jazz the Glass movie is now available on DVD!

Check out Mike's Surf a Pig blog for details on getting a copy


pranaglider said…
No idea where I got todays picture. Sure is interesting though.
Looking forward to the film by RT and his friend. And love the photo, those are some serious wave clouds!
Some inspired digital painting just might be involved?
Aloha, Cher and Steve
Mr. Black said…
thanks for the support!!!
R.T. said…
Yes, many thanks Prana & Pendos!

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