So it's raining

I  like the rain

My cat,  has spent the last two hours telling me, in no uncertain terms, that he, does not

as it comes after almost a week straight of surfable surf

(and after I planted a new nectarine tree in the back yard)

it's a blessing

The storm is expected to move thru quickly and be followed by another ridge of high pressure and the offshore wind fairy

I don't really understand all this stuff but Adam Wright does and he talks about it on his blog here

After this rain is over we are back to the ole grind

surf surf surfy surf surf

but then next week

if the forecast models can be believed

we have a week of rain here is sunny socal

So enjoy the surf

enjoy the rain

or you end up sounding like my cat

an no one wants that


pranaglider said…
no that's not my cat

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