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But actually I prefer this one

Either way, it's on for today and runs thru the weekend!

Check the KSUSA site for details

In case you were wondering, the judging criteria is as follows
"A surfer must perform radical controlled manoeuvres in the critical section of a wave with Speed, Power and Flow to maximize scoring potential. Innovative / Progressive surfing as well as Variety of Repertoire ( manoeuvres ),will be taken into consideration when rewarding points for waves ridden. The surfer who executes this criteria with the maximum Degree of Difficulty and Commitment on the waves shall be rewarded with the higher scores."
Scale Base: 
[ 0 - 2: Poor ] [ 2 - 4: Fair ] [ 4 - 6: Average ] [ 6 - 8: Good ] [ 8 - 10: Excellent ] 

Gee nothing about getting barreled off yer arse.  Must be a different tribe than the kneelos I know. ( I kid.)

The whole knee board thing has been around for ages.  But for reasons unknown has seemed to fallen into underground status.  (when was the last time you saw an orange juice add with some model holding a glass spoon?)   If you are interested check out the KSUSA site for tons of info.
Ryan at Point Concepts is making some fine glass spoons these days. If you have ever made one they require a TON of work / time! I haven't had the pleasure of riding testing one but given the high quality of his other work I am sure these are up to snuff.

Whilst we are on the topic of "alternative surf craft" there have been sightings of new sweetness at Nine Lights Surfboards and Handplane Goodness.  If you are unsure what exactly constitutes alternative surf craft here is a prime example.  (Yes, I am referring to Mr. Peck and not the hand plane;) Quite a character, haven't seen him much lately. Used to run into him at the local health food store all the time. I believe he travels quite a bit.)

One more thing,  it turns out the rumors of Apple and Steven Jobs releasing an iMat were un-true!  Words cannot express my disappointment, but I will, some how, carry on.

So if you ride it on a kneeboard, a hand plane, on a blow up or just standing up (how pedestrian!) enjoy the weekend!

Huge FULL MOON Tonight!

Watch out for Luna-tics!


Ryan said…
thanks for the mini-plug!
seeing a lot more mats in the lineup lately, and just as many smug grins attached to the guys' and girls' faces!!!
if you're around my neighborhood sometime you're more than welcome to snag my spoon and take it for a whirl if the waves are on par for it!
pranaglider said…
You are mini welcome!
You make beautiful wave craft. I would love to "trade boards" with you out in the water. Keep up the good work.
Anonymous said…
HAHAHAHAHAHAH! i've been banned 6 times off that dang site for saying the exact same thing as you, well mine was a little more colorful and did use the term KOOK on occasion (never ever never when it wasnt called fer!). i totally agree, why ride a kneeboard if you're just gunna surf like standies? it dont look as good....just sayin!


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