Anyone got plans?

to build one of these?

It's an Ark!

or maybe I have too much time on my hands and I watch too much TV news and weather.

I received some nice mat shots from Warren Pfeiffer this morning.  Hopefully I can post them later in the week.

Many of the beaches have some flooding so drive carefully. I say drive carefully because most of the fatalities from the storms in SoCal will be the result of traffic accidents. Although the falling trees and mudslides are extremely dangerous as well.  The are Surf, Flood and High Wind warnings and while the surf is big it also contains everything that was in gutter yesterday.  So keep that in mind when you are checking the surf.

(BTW "everything that was in the gutter yesterday" is my new punk band)

A good day to stay warm and dry.

Oh and the new Bodysurf Magazine is up check it here !


PG said…


pranaglider said…
I saw those but I couldn't decode the measurement units.

What's a cubit?

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