Reading the internet from end to end so you don't have to

Maybe not but here are some new links for you to try

First up The Red Cross.
If you can afford to give, this would be a good time.

A pack of strays - a UK site with a ton of additional links
The site has a feature called "Wave of the Day"
Here is an example
There seems to be surf in the UK.  I wonder if they have beer?

Next up

If I ever win the Lotto I'm going to have a bunch of mats and a insane art collection. Great Stuff check it out!

Maybe some surfboards too

Tim Mason makes boards for a bunch of labels
Hullabaloo, Spense, as well as his own line

Good stuff, follow the link

By the way if you haven't seen Ed's latest post about his new Liddle hull  This is not a fun board check it out

Has a nice blog called doubleWingFlyer

Caution may induce flashbacks

But that's not a bad thing

The Claws and Teeth website truly defies description.

so just go check it out and you decide

(what you don't speak Swahili?)

is a great man and his dog surfing OB site
I especially liked his piece on

That should tide you over, link wise, until tomorrow

Since rain is in the forecast for

I thought I might do a quick list of some books

I've been reading lately

or maybe not


Anonymous said…
that's a big frickin wave!
Tom said…
The John Comer artwork is stunning!
Piskian said…
That's Ireland,not UK.Just protecting you from the backlash!Cornish rider though.We have been known to have beer...
pranaglider said…
Tom -glad you liked the link. So many people doing such fine work!

Piskian - So sorry, big difference that. Very happy about the beer though...

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