Big post today!

I have been sitting it out while everyone with any sense has been charging the local post rain surf

("sense" in this usage is subjective and I feel debatable)

It's been big (a relative term)

It's been hollow (once again see above)

but this shot below from JDubSingles

may get me into the chilly run off for a surf!

(Quick my Astragalus - Echinacea - Goldenseal - Probiotic smoothie!)

Some great submissions of mat quivers from around the world!

I will be putting together the "Mat Shrine" piece next week so you still have time to submit.

(Please include a matting shot as well as your stack-o-mats pictures)

I may have mentioned previously that I connect to the internets with a slow connection

think a button on a string

(that is such an archaic reference that no one will get it but it cracks me up so I'm leaving it in!)

any way ssssslllloooowwww connection

so slow that I usually only watch video if it is made by someone I know personally or is a quick clip of matting or body surfing or maybe something classic.

If the first 3 seconds don't grab me I close the window and wait for the DVD to come out.

Well actually I don't buy the DVD, I go to Shelter and watch it on a Movie Night!

So believe me when I tell you, this clip from Cyrus Sutton is fantastic!

Cyrus filming for "Stoked and Broke" from on Vimeo.

Can't wait until the movie comes out.

I always thought that some great stuff can be captured with a GoPro cam but as it turns out you need to have talent too

See more of Cyrus' work at

(There is tons of stuff at to check out)

Then check out this classic clip send in by good friend ThinkMat!

That's it for today,

the sun is up

and I'm going to go take a look


pranaglider said…
Checked it out and the water is still to chocolate brown for me. But the sandbars at my regular rivermouth look interesting.

Any truth to the rumor that Steven Jobs will be unveiling a new iMat today at the Apple conference?
Jamie Watson said…
Like that old clip and hilarious about the iMat!!!

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