/*23 Breaths: Perhaps a bottom turn*/

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Perhaps a bottom turn

I am sitting here in the pre dawn chill staring at maps

maps of the planet showing the remnants of dead storms

and it gives me pause to think what an interesting mash up surfing really is

Storms putting some of their enormous energy into waves that travel thousands of miles

Shapers building a model of a 3D wing to ride some future waves in a advantageous fashion

Glassers and sanders take the model and encase it in fiberglass, giving it strength and longevity

The whole package picked up by some sea side waif, induced to surf for reasons unknown

hundreds or thousand of waves under his or her belt

and it all comes together in an instant

a flash of speed

perhaps a bottom turn

1 comment:

pranaglider said...

quick surf report

Still flat

still cold