Welcome to my Man Cave

As some of you may recall from a previous post,

"My name is Prana and I have tidiness issues"

But after the demise of the local book store

I manages to score some cheap book shelves to help with the organizing

The first part of the process,

after brewing a new pot of coffee

was to transfer everything from the pile on the ground

to a pile on the bed

(yes I had to move the dog first)

As the pics clearly shows

I had semi organized piles going

until the hole thing imploded into

one pile on the bed

I see light!

at the end of the tunnel

I hope it's not a train...

So let's see

crap off the floor

book cases in place

just need to look thought some boxes

and load up the shelves

This is a nice surprise!

opening a random box and finding

three years worth of Surfers Journals!

Finally everything together and in order!

I'm so stoked on the new arrangements!

So if you have stuck with me this far

and it being a Monday an all

lets just say I very impressed

but you may be saying to yourself

"Self, where are Prana's mats?"

Well first off it's Prana's mat, singular

and it lives in the car with the fins, towels

other beach gear

But I know some of you must have

in house shrines built

for your mats

little incense burner

small tasteful picture of

Greenough off to one side

you know what I mean


as part of playing the


PranaGlider - 23 Breaths

home game

send me some shots of your

mat shrine


Surfsister said…
No shrine at my place either. The mat is in the car being squashed by surf stuff, swim stuff, fins and my bag of reusable grocery bags.

Oh! Those bookshelves look just fine.
6ftnperfect said…
what happened to the sticky notes on the lampshade?

Word Ver was scurg
tres_arboles said…
Love the before and after shots. We share a trait or two. I have an entire wall, floor to ceiling, of bookshelves in my basement devoted to similar storage. I believe, elitist though I've been called, that it says a lot about people who display reading materials in their home. I always get a little chill when I enter a home with no books in it. That, and don't Surfer's Journal look real purtty all shelved-up like that?!
pranaglider said…
3Trees - Being a world class introvert myself, the first thing I look for is reading material when I visit someone. If there's nothing to read and I have to talk, they get their choice, surfing, non western poetry pre 1800 or the weather. Usually they pick the weather. If there is wine involved I will tell jokes then fall asleep.

6FnP - those are prayer flags and they are still on the lamp shade. Although prayer flags and post-it notes are not that different when you think about it

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