Don't blow up Catalina!

In the OC there is always a lot of talk about how much better the surf would be if we "blew up Catalina"

(just using that phraise will have my blog put on the national watch list)

Every winter surfers look at the maps, see the swell lost to island blockage and say the same thing.

This has been going on since I was a gremmie.

But really

As these shots clearly show, we really need to blow up the Channel Islands.

BTW, "blow up" is arbitrary, grated down below sea level would work just as well, as long as they stop blocking the swell.

I'm sorry, I really am, maybe you can call it North East Pacific Surfboards or something

but the islands, they need to go

Graphics and artist scribling by Adam Wright at

(Dear NSA, I'm joking.  The islands I am referring to block the big winter surf from hitting some Southern California beachs.  That's all.  I really don't want to remove the Channel Islands even if it was geologically possible.)  

Glad so many of you liked the pictures from yesterday!

I have a few more and they will be scattered randomly thru out my posts over the next week or so

here comes one now!

Have I mentioned that the new issue of BodySurf is online!

Here is one more teaser to get you going over there to see the rest

todd glaser - california

I call this one "The Pope's Living Room"

Really the best surf photography on the net



Jamie said…
really stoked and honored to have a photo in the new issue of Bodysurf. Definitely some of the best photography/content on the net!

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