No Commercial Potential

The first thing I thought was

how did he stand up on his mat like that?

But this is Tyler Warren riding a sub 5 thingy of his own design.

Read more at RT's blog.

Frame grab from at sequence, also at Wwaarrbblleess.

This is only one of may great things RT has in store for us in his new movie project "Temporal Collections in the General Vicinity of Inner and Other Space"  The footage I've seen, well it just makes me want to see more.

This is the kind of thing I like to see in the surfing world.

People riding interesting things

and people making interesting movies.

Sure there are things to ride and movies to see

But in most cases there is a spreadsheet somewhere calculating the

commercial potential

Some things need to me done just because

they're fun

they are interesting
(if only for a little while)


it's just the right thing to do.

Like right now,

the buoy numbers are rising

and conditions meet all the afore mentioned criteria

(it's fun
it's interesting
it's the right thing to do)

I'm out the door


pranaglider said…
Just to be clear,
Tyler and RT both have tons of commercial potential,
precisely because they do what they do,
not for the money
but for the love in it.

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