Is there an app for that?

sitting at home in the

fortress of solitude


waiting for the rain

to start

and stop

and the water

to clear up

Surfing in Chocolate milk

with the occational floating log

is not my idea of fun

And not perhaps the safest thing to do on a mat

Here is some Greenough to pass the time

I really like the part where Greenough is foiling his fin

A good fin is critical when turning like this

Or hanging back in the tube like this

Greenough wasn't one to keep these things to him self so he foiled a few fins for friends

Nat Young winning a contest on Magic Sam.  Those foiled fins even worked on long boards!

Friend Warren Pfeiffer sent along a quiver shot. As good a mat shrine / alter as any!


Jamie said…
can't see warren's pic. clicking on it takes me to hotmail. strange.
pranaglider said…
Isn't the internet grand!?

I think I fixed the erroneous html
Jamie said…
all good now. gracias

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