summer garden 09 in decline

the garden is on its last legs

the local squirrels have been standing on the fence

and cheering the sun flowers for weeks now

It doesn't quite come thru in this shot but the leaf decay is beautiful

I cut off most of the heads so I can bring them out in the winter months

The leaves and stems go into the compost bin for next year

The apple tree did another great job this year

as blossoms turn into fruit

which, in their time ripen

so many apples I can't keep up with them all!

everyday I come outside and eat a few, bring some into the house for later

the rest go into the compost bin.

What does this have to do with surfing?

I don't see a difference really

things just go thru their stages

waves and seeds germinate

and appear

they have their moment in the sun

then they change form again

to appear again

next year

just like us


pranaglider said…
bad poetry aside

adam wright says

the swell is on the rise
Very nice. Wish I could have one of those apples! (-:

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