The fins fit great!

Photo courtesy of Alpinist magazine

Actually, adding the neoprene to my duck feet has worked out great.

I have used them a couple of times now and no complaints!

I met up with fellow mat rider, designer, creator and film maker Jon at the local break last weekend but if you remember last weekend it was too windy for anything but kite flying.

But I did get a peek at his Da Fin's.

They showed strong promise and I have added them to the long list of things to try once the current economic doldrums subside.

South swell direction is a little better now and mixing up with a couple other swell have made for some fun surf the last few days.

Check out Southern California Surf Forecast for the details.

That's all for now it's getting light and I want to get on it early.

PS - The Apinist magazine is now available again! Great photos of some of the most beautiful places on earth (without surf)

PSS the poor guy in the photo above lost all his toes except his piggy.

No word on if that little piggy went we-we-we all the way home though...


pranaglider said…
sorry if the pic caught you before breakfast.
maybe now i'll stop whining about my fin rash...
Ian said…
had tootsies like that meself til I used Dafins.Try dabbing some vaz on yer toe knuckles too!
Found out what Mark Thomson is now riding.http// Meanwhile,I am still waiting for a Neu-grr.
Ian said…
last bit of address should read
Blog is in Japanese but scroll down and you`ll see Mark and his myriad mats-jammy beggar!30 denier fabric though,delicate stuff...
Tom said…
I have a pair of DaFins that I only used mat surfing twice, then I went back to my tuned Duck Feet. DaFins were very comfortable and had enough power, but they had, to me, a funny feeling of rolling to the side on each kick. Compared to Duck Feet which always feel straight-ahead powerful. Also, DaFins are shorter and tend to slap the water more often. I've thinned the ribs on my Duck Feet to make them more flexible, and the tips always stay firmly under water.

Tom T.

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