Funny thing

It's come to my attention that I have no idea which blog entries people will like.

Most mornings after my wife leaves for work I sit down, surf the net a bit then hit the "New Post" button and type up something, grab a photo or song off the web and that's it.

Generally, I write something that makes me laugh, but there is no master plan, no dead lines and for better or worse no editor and certainly no monetary compensation.

No surprise.

So enjoy and thanks for stoping by

Today's post was going to be something about Woodstock (and Zinfendel)

and to mention musician, inventor, and session man Les Paul

who passed away yesterday at the age of 94.

But it starting to get light out and it seems I've almost used up all my letters

so here is Mr. Paul playing "I can't get started" with the Les Paul Trio back in 06

He was only 91 then

I hope this is a good clip, with my dial up I don't get to watch the stuff I post ;)

My favorite Les Paul fact was that after a car crash that shattered his arm he had the Dr set it in position to play his guitar.

That's core!

One of the promotional tag lines Pacific Vibrations had was "Like Woodstock on a Wave"

There will be tons of real Woodstock stuff on the net and you may win the Surfers Journal daily trivia quiz with this little bit of history

They gotta go with that, don't ya think?

Funny thing


pranaglider said…
prayers and good wishes go out to our brothers and sisters in and around Santa Cruz California where an uncontrolled wild fire is burning. The fire has burned 2000+ plus acres and none of the fire is contained

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